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The Cost Of Being A Non-Affirming Church: Part 1 (w/ Cassie)

Episode Summary

*CONTENT WARNING* This episode includes discussions around homophobia, transphobia, mental health and suicide. If any of these topics might cause you harm, we ask you to consider skipping this episode. Please reach out for support if you need it. You are not alone. -- In our hometown of Regina, Saskatchewan, a toxic sermon was preached by Pastor Terry Murphy at Regina Victory Church and uploaded to social media. Word spread quickly, with many people disgusted by his comparison of the LGBTQ2S+ community to pedophiles and his blaming of high suicide rates in Trans kids on societal acceptance, rather than the rejection of christians like himself. And as much as lots were disgusted with his comments, we recognize that it's an all too common sentiment within church walls. Dallas and I have long been passionate about LGBTQ2S+ inclusion. We knew we couldn't stay silent about this, especially with it happening in our own backyard. These words spoken so flippantly are evil and have no place in someone claiming to preach the love of God. There is no love in these words, much as Pastors like Terry claim otherwise while trying to manipulate God into their own hateful image. We recognized that as allies, our role wasn't to lead the charge, but to offer support and join alongside. So we wondered how best to use our Shipwreck Over Safety platform to best challenge this toxic theology. Then we met Cassie. Cassie shared with us about coming to terms with being a lesbian in a conservative Baptist church, and how her parents were removed from leadership simply because her dad wore a Pride shirt one Sunday morning in support of her. The same church that Cassie and her family grew up in and dedicated their lives to rejected them. All because they could not see past a fathers show of support for his daughter. But we all know it runs much deeper than just that. Cassie graciously offered to share her story with us. It paints a tragic picture of what happens when churches reject the image of God in the LGBTQ2S+ community, but also a beautiful picture of a families love for their child. A true representation of God's love. What would you do if you had to choose between your child and your church?

Episode Notes

Here's a news article about the situation in Regina:

'Completely and terribly damaging: Faith community calls Regina pastor's message homophobic'

Find out if a church is affirming or non-affirming at Church Clarity. If you don't see your church listed, submit it for review. Clarity is important so people can be safe and know what they are getting into.


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